“Before I started I thought I was going to have to have surgery. I felt so old, and

what I was able to do kept diminishing. Now, I'm back to full function... playing golf,

walking hills without hesitation and stronger and feeling younger than I expected

was possible!”                                - D.H. Homeopath and Cranial Sacral Specialist


“The neck pain I have been suffering from for the last 15 years was relieved after the first session.”

                                                                                                                                     - P.J. Homemaker, age 75

“I was amazed! I found myself progressing so quickly moving away from discomfort and towards mobility after only a couple of sessions.”                                        - Veronica Womack, Mother, Wife, Home School Educator


“I just can’t believe how I am walking better! Everyday I am changing.”           - Sally Friend, retired Rancher




                                                               “I’m in a completely different space physically.” V.W.








“In just a few minutes of following along with the movements for the hip, everything about me and my super

tight body feels better.” E.D., Web-Developer, age 36





"I though I was going to have to have Hip Surgery…and because of Lisa

(and these methods) I’ve had no surgeries." -Ric Schorer

“I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful exercises. I’ve always had trouble with my back sciatica which causes numbness down the outside of my leg and into toes. I’ve had this for over 45 years. And now with your

exercises and a wonderful massage therapist, I have feeling in my toes.” 

“I used to be very athletic, but had come to the point where I was willing to settle for just being able to walk without pain. After only three weeks I gained relief. After only 4 months I am completely pain free.”

                                             - Susan Madrid, Awake and aware student of life

I see this every day with clients, and so much more.


No matter when they start …

at 15 years old or 80

… just by giving the cells what they need and taking out the trash.


Nearly each and every person who does this says:

“I wish I would have started this sooner.”



“I had no idea what I can do now was possible.”

Hi, my name is Lisa Huck of Thrive FNL. My calling is helping people expand the possibilities for their bodies.


In 30 years of working with people, I’ve seen (and tried!) a lot of different ideas, methods, and philosophies to reclaim people’s health, energy, and mobility.


But now I’ve discovered the gold, and I want to share it with you.

Just 10 minutes a day to be a more

Vibrant, Energized, Limber, Stronger You!


Moving your body is necessary for bringing nourishment to the cells and expelling waste and toxins, also known as detoxification.


But there is an efficient and simple way to maximize this natural process, to improve your body’s basic function and thus improve your overall health.

Fundamentally, other methods of nourishing/detoxifying movement— like

rebounding, power plates, and high intensity training—are excellent...

But they don’t do a complete job.

They don't access the deep recesses of the body where yours cells (and the spaces between your cells) become neglected.


And, not everyone can do these intense, complicated workouts.


The 3D Dynamic Body Activation series can help EVERYONE.


What is 3D Dynamic Movement?


Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Moving in three dimensions creates a pumping effect...

  2. Which opens up spaces in the body normally compressed and unused…

  3. Fills up deprived cells with nourishment...

  4. ...and flushes the everyday waste and environmental toxins stored there!

From a teenagers to seniors; from pro athletes to office workers.

At home, in the office, or on the field.

This natural process requires no special equipment, and can be done

anywhere at any time.

I’ve taken 30 years of experience and distilled it down into a very simple 10-minute routine.


The 3D Body Activation Series is part of a true Health Care plan!

So what does this all mean?

When your body’s cells are working efficiently, you are thriving!


The people who do this reverse the aging process …they grow functionally younger as they get chronologically older.


People tell me all the time:

  • “I can turn my head better when I'm backing up in the car.”

  • “Now I can balance while I'm putting on my socks.”

  • “The pain’s gone when I lift my arm!”

  • “Hiking the hill is easier and brings me joy again!”

  • “You wouldn’t believe my power and accuracy swinging the club. My golf game is totally different.”

It’s called 3-Dimensional Dynamic Movement.


The 3D Dynamic Body Activation Series ...

  • Brings vital nutrients, hydration, and oxygen into your cells to slow aging

  • Removes metabolic waste and environmental toxins

  • Increases the chemicals that make our minds and moods feel good

  • Keeps the lymph system malleable and flowing, to better filter waste

  • Heats and softens muscle and facial tissues, preventing tears, stiffness, and immobility

  • Strengthens bones and helps prevent/reverse process of Osteoporosis 

  • Lubricates joints to improve range of motion and your body’s natural shock absorption

  • Strengthens the Core Muscles

  • Improves balance, energy, and limberness

  • Dissipates the buildup of the Stress Hormone Cortisol that leads to unwanted belly fat

  • Neurologically boosts the system and keeps the brain's wiring to its parts

  • Keeps the Fascial System soft, malleable and finely tuned

  • Helps your body work as an efficient, balanced team from top to bottom, left to right.

  • Three 10-minute video routines

  • Stretching, Core, and Floor Routines to accommodate your specific needs

  • 24-hour access to a special video portal so you can watch them any time, anywhere

  • BONUS: Printable PDF to guide you through the routines offline

  • BONUS: "Where Pain Actually Comes From" video

Here is what you will receive:​

Allow your body the Miracle of Movement and experience what it means to THRIVE at any age!

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